Take a look below to view all of our services. If you want to learn more about the service just click the Icon! It will give you more in-depth information about our services and the process behind each service while you are with us.

Our services

This is what the company was built on. We know how to grade, look for counterfeits, teacher editions, you name it we can do it.

We know Amazon standards like the back of our hands. We can prep and Ship any number of items, no matter the category.

Wholesale/Private Label/Gaylords we do them all! We offer special deals on bulk orders and fast turnaround rates for our clients. We can even work with you on custom orders.

When orders come in we process and send it out within 24 hours! We can do Amazon, Ebay, personal website fulfillment and just about everything in between!

We send items to buyback websites for you! Just send us the item and the shipping label and we can fulfill as quick as they come in!

Here at Little Owl, we try to make it easier for you to grow your business by assisting you every step along the way.

How To Sign up

Sign Up

First stop is filling out this form. The form gives us general information about you and what type of service you want to be set up with or want more information for. Once this is done we can then email you back accordingly answering your question or setting up your account. We typically email back within 24 hours.

Personalized Spreadsheet

After signing up on the form within 24 hours we will send you a personalized spreadsheet. This is how we track everything going in and out of the prep center. Only you and Little Owl will have access to it unless you share it with other parties. The Basic information we need is the ISBN/ASIN/UPC and the Title/Product Description of the item, but we give plenty of space for optional data!

Giving Us Permissions

For most of our services we require 3rd party access to your Amazon/Ebay/Other account. This is just so we can either ship or list on your behalf. For more details on how to do this and to see if this is required for your service. Go above and click on the services that you want for more information.

Send Us Your Items

Once you have a spreadsheet you are free to send us your inventory. The only requirement is to put your name on it. Putting your name (and or business name) on your packages will allow us to sort and receive it quicker. Here is an example:

(Your name.)

3323 Stanley Ave.

C/O Little Owl Prep

Dayton, OH 45404

We Do The Rest

Once your items start to arrive we then prep and process them based on the services you signed up with! Some services have a different process than others so make sure to read all about them by clicking their icons above!

Then We Invoice You!

Once a service is complete we will invoice you via PayPal or Square. There you can pay with any major credit card.

Schedule A Call With Us

oIf you want to speak directly on the phone with us we ask that you schedule a call. At the scheduled time, we will make sure to call the number you leave with us and then answer any questions you have about our services! This is because Little Owl puts more resources into the Operational side of the business to ensure a quicker turnaround and to ensure that the quality of inspections are at the Little Owl Standard.

Our Shipping Partners

Our business has arranged deals for lower shipping costs on your packages for any type of Fulfillment we do. We try our best to help our clients save money!
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General Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are You Located?

We are Located in:

3323 Stanley Ave.

Dayton, OH 45404

How Do You List Items?

We have custom proprietary software that we use to list your items on your behalf. If you use us you don't need to get another listing software.

Do You Work With Lister Softwares?

Yes! We have loads of experience working with Inventory Lab, Accelerlist and Scan Lister. We can use any software that you prefer to list with.

What If I want to List my own Items?

No Problem! Our Listing service is optional. If you prefer to list yourself just let us know. You can change at anytime.

Why Do I have to Request a Shipment?

We implemented the Shipment request system back in Late May due to our large client list. Not only does this help smaller Sellers get their items out in a timely manner, it holds us accountable to our promise of 24-48 hours. 

You Can Request a Shipment at:

If I purchase a Prepayment, can I get a refund?

Yes, of course! We would refund you on whatever was not fulfilled minus any Shipping costs to send them back to you.

For Example: If you get our 250 Prepayment, and we only ship 100 of your items. We would refund you for the 150 we still have left to ship, minus any shipping costs incurred.

How Do I Pay You?

We Primarily use Paypal to invoice clients after we complete their shipment. PayPal Allows users to pay with any Major Credit Card.

What Items Do You Prep?

We prep all items, except for food. 

How Do You Handle Counterfeit Books?

All Receivers are trained to spot counterfeit books. If we do spot a counterfeit book we would highlight the spreadsheet line red and include the tracking number that the book came from. That way you can return it or get a refund.

How Do You Handle Returns?

If you want to return a book, you would alert us that you want to return it and send a shipping label or address to

We take care of returns within 24-48 hours. Most of the time we try to return within 24 hours.

Why Do I have to Schedule A Call?

Most of our staff that we hire is dedicated to operations to enhance the quality and speed of our services.

We also currently only have one person answering the phones, and we want to make sure the phones get answered. That is why we schedule calls!

Why Are Wholesale Prices Lower Than Others?

Wholesale is generally only a couple SKUs where other types of online arbitrage can be any number of SKUs.

The Smaller the number of the SKUS the less work we have to do, which means the more savings we can give our clients.

How Do You Track Information?

We use Google Spreadsheets to track information. 

Do You Have a Facebook Group?

Yes we do. We also answer questions in our Facebook Group that we are trying to build:

Got Questions? Our Email is always open

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