An Easier and Faster Alternative To Selling Online

Merchant fulfillment is a great alternative for those online sellers that want to scale up their business and give the logistic headache to someone else, and we love the logistics! Our Prices are clear cut, process easy to understand and 100% Reliable. We prefer the simplistic approach to merchant fulfillment because it allows our clients to focus on the other needs of their business. We can even offer custom rates for different jobs, just email us to get started.

Fulfillment Service

$2.00 Per Item + Box* + Shipping Cost

This includes The Following:





Free Storage for 14-Days

Fulfillment within 24 hours of Shipping Label

*We try to Recycle all boxes. If we have a recycled box we will use it for to fulfill your order at no box cost to you, however this is only while supplies last.

General Listing Service

$0.35 Per Book

This includes The Following:

Listing Your Item on Amazon/Ebay/Esty/Spotify etc.

*Does Not Include Pictures


Return Service

$0.50 Per Book + Box*

We can take care of returns that need to be sent back to the seller no problem. Just give us a shipping label and we will take care of the rest!

*We try to Recycle all boxes. If we have a recycled box we will use it for your return at no box cost to you, however this is only while supplies last.


The Sign Up & Process of Merchant Fulfillment

The Sign Up

First stop is filling out this form. The form gives us general information about you and what type of service you want to be set up with or want more information for. Once this is done we can then email you back accordingly answering your question or setting up your account. We typically email back within 24 hours. (You only need to submit the form once and we will get back to you.)

Personalized Spreadsheet

After signing up on the form within 24 hours we will send you a personalized spreadsheet. This is how we track everything going in and out of the prep center. Only you and Little Owl will have access to it unless you share it with other parties. The Basic information we need is the ISBN/ASIN/UPC and the Title/Product Description of the item, but we give plenty of space for optional data!

Setting Up Permissions

Depending if you want the listing service you will need to give us access to list your items in your preferred site (Amazon,Ebay, Esty etc.)

Just let us know which one you would like in the on-boarding and we will take care of it!

Sending Us Your Items

After you get your spreadsheet and set up the user permissions you are ready to go, you are free to send us your inventory!  The only requirement is to put your name on your package! You can use this example below:

(Your Name)

3323 Stanley ave.

Dayton, OH 45404


Once your items arrive at the facility we put them in an organized storage space dedicated to your business. Your items will wait here until we get an order for your particular items.

Fulfill & Ship

Once an item sells on your platform (congrats!) you would then send us a shipping label or give us an address so we can create a shipping label to Fulfill your order. We understand that orders are time sensitive, that is why we fulfill all merchant fulfillment orders within 24 hours.

Got Questions? Our Email is always open

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