Trading Time For Money

Trade-ins are one of the fastest ways to make a quick buck in the book flipping world. For those who do not know, you would purchase a book, then go to a buyback website to flip the book and make more than what you paid for...simple flipping but without the hassle of it sitting on a shelf. We have offered this service for a while and it has been a fan favorite of clients. We are able to ship out trade-ins within 24 hours of when we receive and the process is the most simplistic service we offer.

Trade-In Service

$2.00 Per Item

This includes The Following:





All Shipping Materials


The Sign Up & Process of Trade-Ins

The Sign Up

First stop is filling out this form. The form gives us general information about you and what type of service you want to be set up with or want more information for. Once this is done we can then email you back accordingly answering your question or setting up your account. We typically email back within 24 hours. (You only need to submit the form once and we will get back to you.)

Personalized Spreadsheet

After signing up on the form within 24 hours we will send you a personalized spreadsheet. This is how we track everything going in and out of the prep center. Only you and Little Owl will have access to it unless you share it with other parties. The Basic information we need is the ISBN/ASIN/UPC and the Title/Product Description of the item, but we give plenty of space for optional data!

No Permissions Needed

Unlike the rest of our services. We do not need access to your Amazon/Ebay Account since everything we do is outside of both platforms. So, Congrats! This is an easy process.

Sending Us Your Trade-Ins

After you get your spreadsheet and set up the user permissions you are ready to go, you are free to send us your inventory!  The only requirement is to put your name on your package! You can use this example below:

(Your Name)

3323 Stanley ave.

Dayton, OH 45404

Prep & Ship

Once your books get to our facility, we will receive, inspect,grade and process them into your spreadsheets. We will include the date we received it, the grade, and any additional information that you may want to know (Like if it is a Teacher Edition, Counterfeit, damaged etc.)
Once you are ready for a Trade-in to be sent out, just send us a shipping label and we will fulfill that order within 24-hours. All Trade-in Shipping labels should go to


Trade-In FAQs

Where Are You Located?

We are Located in:

3323 Stanley Ave.

Dayton, OH 45404

What Is the Turnaround Time?

Once we have the item and shipping label we can turnaround a Trade-in Within 24 hours.

Do I need To List Anything?

No Need to List anything on Ebay or Amazon. Just give us a shipping label and we can send it anywhere you want!

What If a Shipping Label Expires?

We would only send expired shipping labels if the client asks us. We generally think that is a bad idea, because you may lose the value of the trade-in. 

In case of Expired Label, we always recommend you get a new one.

How Do You Handle Counterfeits?

All Receivers are trained to spot counterfeit books. If we do spot a counterfeit book we would highlight the spreadsheet line red and include the tracking number that the book came from. That way you can return it or get a refund.

How Do You Handle Returns?

If you want to return a book, you would alert us that you want to return it and send a shipping label or address to

We take care of returns within 24-48 hours. Most of the time we try to return within 24 hours.

Got Questions? Our Email is always open

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