A Whole Lot of Sales

We have been experimenting with wholesale clients for a while now just to get a taste of the process and how it is different from normal FBA process. I think we got a great process in place to help alleviate the stresses of whole sale and offer a faster way to process and prep the whole sale and private label. Depending on the amount of whole sale we can turnaround a pallet between 24-72 hours.

250 Whole Sale Items

$300.00 ($1.20 Per Item)
  • *Includes: Listing
  • Inclueds: Prep & Process
  • Includes Recycled Pallet (While Supplies Last)
  • Includes: Free Returns
  • *Can be up to 10 different SKUS

500 Wholesale Items

$508.00 ($1.08 Per Item)
  • *Includes: Listing
  • Inclueds: Prep & Process
  • Includes Recycled Pallet (While Supplies Last)
  • Includes: Free Returns
  • *Can be up to 20 different SKUS

1,000+ Whole Sale Items

$XXXX ($0.90 Per Item)
  • *Includes: Listing
  • Inclueds: Prep & Process
  • Includes Recycled Pallet (While Supplies Last)
  • Includes: Free Returns
  • *Can be up to 30 different SKUS

The Sign Up & Process of Wholesale

The Sign Up

First stop is filling out this form. The form gives us general information about you and what type of service you want to be set up with or want more information for. Once this is done we can then email you back accordingly answering your question or setting up your account. We typically email back within 24 hours. (You only need to submit the form once and we will get back to you.)

Personalized Spreadsheet

After signing up on the form within 24 hours we will send you a personalized spreadsheet. This is how we track everything going in and out of the prep center. Only you and Little Owl will have access to it unless you share it with other parties. The Basic information we need is the ISBN/ASIN/UPC and the Title/Product Description of the item, but we give plenty of space for optional data!

Setting Up Permissions

For our Book Prep Service we do require a Professional Seller Account. Setting up third party access is easy we only require the following: Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments, Add a Product, Upload Inventory. Those are all the permissions we require, we don't need anything else. If you don't know how to give permissions click the button below, we have a walk-through video that demonstrates how it is done. (If you are only doing trade-ins, you may skip this step.)

Sending Us Your Pallets

Most Wholesale/Private will come via Pallet, We have a ground-level door where we can accept all deliveries, but in most cases we would still need a lift-gate to get it off the back of the truck. Below is the address that we primarily use for that.

3323 Stanley ave.

Dayton, OH 45404

Prep & Process

Once your Items get to our facility, we will receive, inspect, and process them into your spreadsheets. We will include the date we received it, the grade, and any additional information that you may want to know.

List & Ship

Wholesale/Private Label Clients have priority due to their large sizes. Once a pallet comes in we immediately begin the process to inspect and ship it out.

Wholesale / Private Label FAQ

Where Are You Located?

We are Located in:

3323 Stanley Ave.

Dayton, OH 45404

Do I Need a Liftgate Service?

Yes, We only have a ground door so you would need to use a Liftgate service.

Do You Handle Private Label Items?

Yes! We can handle all private Label Items.

What If I want a custom Deal

We can do custom deals, just email us and give us the details of the products you would like us to prep! It is that simple.

Do I need To Prepay?

No, You do not need to Prepay. Prepays are always nice, but you will have to pay before wholesale/private Label pallets are sent off.

How Do I Pay You?

We Primarily use Paypal to invoice clients after we complete their shipment. PayPal Allows users to pay with any Major Credit Card.

Can You Take Food?

At this time we cannot take food. 

What If I need a Pallet?

If for some reason your pallet cannot make another journey we do provide pallets for $10.00.

How Do You Handle Returns?

If you want to return a book, you would alert us that you want to return it and send a shipping label or address to returns.tradeins@littleowlprep.com

We take care of returns within 24-48 hours. Most of the time we try to return within 24 hours.

Got Questions? Our Email is always open


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